Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update | IMMj2 Today Episode

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update – IMMj2 Today Episode

Ridhima is coming to Vansh. You are so hurt, you eat, you know I didn’t know you ate anything in the morning, please excuse me. She excuses and writes her message on the tissue. She kisses it and slips it into the door. He reads the message… I’m sorry Vansh, you won’t let me and tear the tissue. He throws it back. She writes again. He reads … Vansh I love you, I’m sorry. He tears it up and throws it back. She writes again and slides the note. He reads … If you can’t forgive me, what’s the point of staying here, I’m moving away from you. Worried, he opens the door. He shouts as Riddhima. She hugs him and cries.

She asks why do you get upset when you are too scared to lose me. Vansh says never go away from me. She excuses me, I was confused when so many clues came before me about my parents accident. He says he’s right. He sees her wound and takes her to his room. They help. Ishq May Marjavan… .prayers…. She thinks I’m not hurting him too much.

Ye Pyaar Hai… .Place…. He assures me, you will never do this stupid thing, if anything happened to you today, I would have killed myself. She says please, don’t say this, I’m sorry, you promise me too, you won’t keep any secret from me. He nods. They get closer. She pushes him away and says you forgot, we are not married yet, I am now a master, so all the romance after the wedding. He stops her.

Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania, the future, says that some romance can happen before marriage. She tells him wrong and stops him. She says you have to wait a while, go, I need to change. He goes. On its morning, Dadi Pandit ji says, the wedding should come with all the rituals. They say I’m afraid, I think their eclipse of happiness will go away. Ishani says that Ridhima is a real eclipse, how can Vansh always forgive her. The nanny says she is Vansh’s love. Ishani no, she’s just a problem, she always hurts him, she has to pay for it, if she hurts him again I won’t leave her, where she is now. Ridhima is sweet. She looks for sugar.

Sia comes and takes the water. I’m hurting all of you, believe me, I don’t want to dig old wounds, I have questions. Sia says he doesn’t share it with his shadow, he may not share it with you, you have to trust him, then you’ll be happy, otherwise. I promise, this will not happen again, I should not doubt him, Ridhima says I know he should forgive me. Sia says okay, mithibhat idea is good, if wansh is happy, i will be happy too.

Thank you Riddhima. She takes sweetheart to Vanash. My parents’ secret is still there, Ridhima thinks what happened with them. She remembers everything. She listens to Vansh talking to Angre. Vansh says the car must be destroyed, Riddhima should know nothing of her parents, she should not know about the car she crashed, you get it. Ridhima says another car, which means Vansh lied to me again, no, he has to give me all the answers today. Kabir catches her.

She asks what this abuse is. Ishani goes on. Kabir says that Ishani is coming, you heard Vansh and Angre. She says I deliberately don’t listen to anyone. She’s gone. He says that no one can stop Riddhima from finding out about the death of her parents now, Riddhima reaches her goal, the destruction and end of Vanesha, Ridhima does not know she is my pawn, now it’s fun. Ridhima thinks what Vansh is hiding. She remembers Vansh’s words. They say I have the right to know about my parents’ accident.

She calls the warden and asks what year she brought me to an orphanage. Warden says 1996. Vansh blindfolds Ridhima and says that I am here, where do you find me, trust me. She wondered what he was going to do. He takes her for a surprise. You know I like giving you a surprise, ”he says. He opens the blindfold. She smiles at the cake. They say we cut it during the music celebration. They dance. They say you wore my fave perfume, how do I prevent it from coming to you.


Ridhima feels sorry nanny, I need to give you this truth serum to know the truth of the Vansh. She gives the nanny a mocktail. He asks about his pictures of 14-18 year old Vansh. The nurse says Vance spent 4 years at the juvenile detention center.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Previous Written Episode Update

The serial begins with Vansh Ridhima asking her where she is going when she gets up from bed. She’s sorry. He warns her to never think about going away from him because he has all the information about her. She wonders what she means.

Later, Ridhima sees Vansh sleeping deeply, so he decides to take a chance and leave. She sneaks away and gets the ambassador’s car keys. She goes to the car and goes inside but she struggles to turn on the car. She’s worried because she’ll have to go back before Vansh wakes up.

After a while, Vanish wakes up and realizes that Ridhima is not lying next to her. He calls for her to get up. Ridhima is disappointed that the car did not start when Vansh came downstairs looking for her. She prays to start the car because she has to learn the truth of her parents. Finally the car turns on and she leaves.

Ridhima is going to the abandonment department to find out information related to the car. She receives Vance’s call but doesn’t take it. She is eager to find out the truth of her parents. Vansh hopes she picks up the call. He knows she’s strong right now but she doesn’t know the break has failed. He’s frustrated –

In the meantime, Ridhima realizes that the brakes don’t work when she tries to stop the car in vain. She is terrified and shouts at people on the road to go away because the brakes are not working.

Ridhima is still in the car. Vansh Angre is in the car with her and asks her to call Ridhima as long as she does not pick up since this thing is about her life but she does not take calls. Vansh traces her place and says that only fourteen minutes is the distance between them. He asks Angre to keep his phone and tell directions while he is driving. Ridhima prays to Bappa to save her life. Ishani is taking Sia behind Vansh. Aryan is in the car with him. Angre tells Vansh about the shortcut on the left. He takes it so that after a while the distance between him and Ridhima is only four minutes. Ridhima cries out wondering what to do. She remembers Vansh asking her not to think about moving away from him. She closes her eyes.

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Ridhima opens her eyes as she hears Vance’s voice. He and Angre are next to her in the car. Vansh asks her to put down the gear but everything is in vain. They end up in a desolate place. Vansh brings her car in front of Ridhima to stop her but she does not want to hit his car so she turns aside and the car hits a cliff and starts to burn. Vansh rushes to Ridhima, who is struggling to get out of sitting at the door. Vansh brings her out but the car explodes.

Ridhima hugs Vansh, asking him to tell her where she is going since she has the right to live her life. Ridhima confronts him about the mystery of the car and asks if it is related to her parents. Aryan, Sia and Ishani get there. Ishani says that Ridhima has crossed her line again. Aryan asks her to explain. Ridhima says Vansh should give answers. She questions him.

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PRECAPE: Vansh wonders where Ridhima doesn’t want to go. Ridhima sends him a note but he tears it up but he is shocked when he reads that she wrote that if he does not forgive her she will leave.

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