Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th December 2020 Written Episode Update:Ridhima Vihan and Vansh

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th December 2020 Written Episode Update:Ridhima Vihan and Vansh

The episode begins with Ridhima Vihan and Vansh saying together, how can this happen, their movie is in the locker here, which means they knew each other. She reads … It was a miracle I was amazed to see it, this birthday starts with a big explosion.

She tells him what is the truth of Vihan. Kabir says that at the right time its good nanny called Wansh, there is some big secret here, I will find it and prove that it is not Wansh, but his appearance. He goes into the secret room.

Ridhima closes the safe and hides behind the partition. Kabir says I know Ridhima, its all connected, I find. He looks at the locker. They try to check. Ridhima feels that I cannot convey this fact to anyone, especially Kabir, otherwise it would be a big trouble. She was leaving.

He says that a man can tell me the secret of Wansh and Vihan’s film. She goes to Vihani and asks what it is, you have hidden so much from me, you know how to wansh, answer me different… what else does he say, some things are not good for health, better than the previous chapter. Do not enter, its fire, it looks beautiful from a distance, it is not the right thing to lay hands on it. Don’t tell her that, I need to know the secret, tell the truth.

Vihan This truth will take you to the world where you cannot go back, knowing it is stupid, if you get into the past you will be lost. He goes. She looks at the picture and tells him why he doesn’t want to tell the truth, what the truth is. Someone looks at her. She thinks this movie shouldn’t get the wrong hands, I just have to keep it safe. She closes the door and hides the picture. She keeps it safe.

They say I find out the secret of the past. In its morning, Ridhima says why the shower is not working. Vihan comes to help. They say I manage. They get under the shower. She steps on the soap. Dil ye tere bina… .plays…. Someone takes the picture out of the safe.

Vihan says happy birthday. She asks how do you know. I say you have forgotten my qualities, I am a ma hacker, I can enter anyone’s life, you are my dollar bv, you keep falling and I hope I hold you. I hope I have found the secret you are trying to hide from me.

Vihan says I cannot see you under pressure, I will answer you about the film, today there is a grand entrance, you will receive your wishful gift. She thinks about how he agreed to say it. She asks what if you don’t keep the promise.

They say someone else does. He says no one can do it, I just kept it safe. The walls of the VR mansion are not safe, you are being watched, you got the answer, I know Wansh, I learned it from Wunsh. He says Wansh knows VR Mansion very well. She goes to check.

She looks at the safe open. They say you did it. Vihan no, I’m beautiful, what can I do to steal my picture, I could warn you, okay. He says, someone in the family stole it. They say who did it to find it. She’s remembered and I’m sure Kabir did it, which is a great testament to Wansh’s look for you. She goes to pray.

The Dadi and everybody come. Nanny says Bappa will not help you, he will help real people. She stops Vihan and Kabir has told me everything, this is your cheap truth. She shows the picture. She scolds Riddhima.

She poured kerosene on her and set it on fire. Ridhima shouted nanny. Her imagination ends. The Dadi asks what happened, Bappa will not help you because you did not light the diya. Vihan and Riddhima illuminate Diya. Ridhima feels thank God, Dadi knew nothing. The nanny blesses her and hugs her. They say there is another surprise for you.

She shows him a birthday cake. Your blessing is more important to me, says Riddhima. To my surprise, Vihan says. He gets a note necklace. They say I am wearing Ghar Lakshmi dollar necklaces, if they are happy we will get a shower of money. Ishani asks when did you start cracking jokers. Vihan makes Ridhima a garland and wakes her. He asks how you liked it. Happy Birthday Riddhima, I’m sure this birthday is very special. The Dadi asks Ridhima to cut the cake.

Ridhima wishes to get the picture back. She blows out the candles and cuts the cake. Some red water spills over her face. Everybody is shocked. Vihan blood says, what happened. Ishani recalls about injecting liquid into the cake.

She smiles. The Dadi asks Ishani what this bad joke is. I ordered the cake, Ishani says I didn’t make it. They say its cherry juice, maybe the cake maker has added more to it. The Dadi asks Ridhima to make the cake for everyone. Ridhima nourishes it. Vihan whispers to her again. The Dadi says there is one more surprise from Kabir. Kabir smiled.

Nanny says Kabir is very sorry, so he wants to keep your birthday party so we all become part of it. Ribima Kabir thinks he can’t think good, I know his purpose, he wants to tell everyone about Vihan and my truth. Kabir Vanshbhai says, I am sure you will get much pleasure from this party.

Vihan says I’m glad you’re throwing this party, it’s a great thing, you forgot everything and you want to celebrate my wife’s birthday. Kabir nodded. He is surprised. Ridhima thinks she has hidden the picture. Kabir feels that death is not as painful as waiting for death. He laughs.

Precape: Kabir says, Ribeema, don’t try too hard to find a picture, I will give it to you in front of everyone. Vilan and Ridhima dance in Malang…. Kabir joins him on the dance floor. Says I have prepared a special video for Ridhima. Everybody is shocked.

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