self immolation attempt in front of mahrajganj victim sat on dharna at young man home on 4th coctober

On Tuesday, a woman’s attempt to self-immolate in front of the Lucknow Legislative Assembly caused sensation in Maharajganj. Because of which the woman took suicidal steps, she is related to Maharajganj. On October 4, the woman reached the house of a young man at Veer Bahadur Nagar in Maharajganj municipality and sat on a dharna.

The woman, who was sitting on the dharna of the young man, had accused the young man of converting her and married her. Has been in many locales of Gorakhpur. Later he moved to Saudi Arabia. Used to send money to the account from there, but is no longer sending. The accused youth has been in Saudi Arabia for two and a half years. The woman was demanding from the police that her entry should be made in the young man’s house. Share in property

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After the game, the police was taken to the police station by her. Now after the attempt of self-immolation in front of the assembly in Lucknow, the Kotwali police has stepped up the investigation. The family members of the youth are being questioned. The call detail record (CDR) will also be investigated for investigation.

The woman, who hails from Jharkhand, also reached her husband’s house three days ago.
The woman hails from Palamu district of Jharkhand. In June 1012, she was married to a young man in the village of Pipraich alias Pacharukhia of Ghughli police station area. She had left her husband. According to police, the matter is in court. The police, who came into action after his self-immolation attempt in Lucknow, started investigations on all aspects.

During the interrogation, it was discovered that three days earlier there was a ruckus, saying that the first husband reached the house at Rashinagar Face Four in Gorakhpur. The PRV of Dial-112 was reached after the uproar. After that the matter was settled.

Nikah was claimed by the young man in front of the police
After leaving the first husband, the woman started living in a rented house in Veer Bahadur Nagar ward of Maharajganj town. During the uproar on October 4, she said that during her stay in Veer Bahadur Nagar, she came in contact with the young man. Due to living in the neighborhood, the young man seduced and formed a love affair. At his behest, he converted and converted and married. After this, the young man stayed in Bargadwa, Pastor Bazar and Mohdipur in Gorakhpur. Later he moved to Saudi Arabia. According to the police, the woman could not show any documents regarding conversion and marriage. He used to say that a cleric was called and married.

Women left for SO Lucknow at night
The intelligence of the woman’s presence in Lucknow was received by the Maharajganj police from Lucknow on Monday night itself. Taking immediate action on this information, the SP dispatched SO Manisha Singh of Mahila police station along with women constables to Lucknow at night. The female SO had to identify the woman. The woman had also reached SO Lucknow on Tuesday morning, but before she was identified, she set her body on fire.

Attempts of self-immolation have been reported in Lucknow by a woman from Maharajganj. On October 4, a woman in Veer Bahadur Nagar in the Kotwali area was allegedly accused of marrying and demanding to enter her house. The police of the Mahila police station had asked the woman to register a case, but she had not given Tahrir. The Maharajganj police had not given notice of self-immolation. A dispute with the first husband is pending in court. All aspects are being investigated.
Pradeep Gupta, SP


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