The tiger stood a few steps from the farmer’s door, the villagers made noise and then

There was an uproar in Sheeshgarh police station area to be the second leopard. On Monday night, the farmer has created panic in the forest department by claiming to be a tiger. The farmer saw the tiger standing a few steps away from the door. The farmer screamed. There was a commotion and the people of the village gathered. The entire village united to drive the tiger away. On receipt of the forest officer, the villagers there became fiercely angry with them. The team of forest officers did not let one of the villagers walk and returned.

Nanhe, a resident of village Khizarpur, claimed at 9 o’clock on Monday night that he was walking out of the house at night with a flashlight. Just 100 meters from the front door of the house, a tiger was standing. As soon as the light of the flashlight fell on the tiger, the tiger leaped towards it. He escaped and entered the house. The door closed and reached the terrace and made a noise. Hearing the noise, hundreds of villagers ran with sticks, sticks, torches.

Hearing the noise, the tiger ran into the fields. The villagers had informed the forest department and the police at night. Police reached the spot at night. Due to night, the team did not show much interest in tiger hunt. She returned after reading a lesson of caution to the villagers. The forest department team reached the village again at 8 am on Tuesday. The villagers showed the footprint of the tiger made in the field and the villagers, while showing the footprint, did not allow them to take photographs of the forest workers and even let them take photographs.

Villagers claim, tiger was the only

Rural Prem Shankar, Ravi, Budhsen, Mujahid, Shahzade Lala etc. told that, at 8 am on Tuesday morning, two employees of the forest department had reached the village. They told the employees the identity of the tiger who had pounced on the child. The tiger had stripes on its body and also showed its footprints. The forest workers said while striking, you villagers are making unnecessary noise. This footprint is of a dog. Tiger. Is not there. Still making leopard noise. Now the tiger started appearing from the night.

Officer’s talk
Ranger Ravindra Saxena said, the villagers are making a new spectacle every day. In the evening, the noise of tenduas and tigers make a noise, while being instructed to stay in the houses at night. It is the border area of ​​Uttarakhand. Tendua or tiger can come anytime. In this case, if there is any untoward incident with someone, then who will be responsible, now if we find any person walking in the village at night, then action will be taken.


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