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Tamil’s much-loved show Sembruti entertains its audiences with interesting storylines.

The story revolves around Akhila and her son Adhi and his love interest Parvati.

In the last episode, Akhila learned that Arun had quarreled with the union leader. Akhila asked Arun about this and condemned his immature behavior. Aishwarya went to talk to Akhila. The latter expressed their disappointment and said that Arun was losing faith in them. Aishwarya promised Akhila that she would replace Arul. Akhila says she has faith in him. Aishwarya tried to persuade Arun to go back to the office, but Arun was furious and told him that he would not go to the office or factory again.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Dadi will listen to Arun, Aishwarya’s conversation and tell Nandini. The latter contacts Arun’s friend Madan and informs him of a plan. Madame calls Arun and asks to meet at the bar. When Arun goes into the bar, the two men put drug boxes in Arun’s car boot. Madan drinks Arun and stays with him till he falls unconscious. When Arun goes home the next morning, Akhila condemns him for spending the whole night outside. Akhila will take Arun’s car to the office as his car will be repaired. Other cops wait for Akhila’s arrest. Nandini calls Akhila and tells her a pleasant shock.

Will Akhila be arrested? Or will the miracle protect Akhila from Nandini’s evil plan?

All these questions will be answered in the coming installment. To find out what’s ahead in your favorite show, Sembaru, keep on watching the series and stay tuned to this place for new daily updates.