Sumangali Bhava 04-11-2021 Episode Written Update Zee Keralam serial സുമംഗലിഭവ

സുമംഗലിഭവ 04 January 2021 Episode | Zee Keralam

Zee Keralam serial സുമംഗലിഭവ 04-11-2021 Episode

sumangali bhava serial actress body care tips

I have recently been engaged and my home is unclear on wedding activities. My aging parents want to participate, but they are weak and easily tired. How can I encourage them to stay active? Are there any special exercises for people in the 60s? If so, what are you suggesting?

Exercise is good, but starting a vigorous routine at 60 is not advisable, especially if they are already associated with wedding chores.

Ask your parents to start a yoga routine, which is a good start to a wellness plan that will not make them more tired and more than they are willing to participate. Exercise usually eliminates the problem, because a comprehensive workout works not only on the body but also on the mind. You should be working to be in good health and not be compelled to eat too much.

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Sumangali Bhava 04-11-2021 Episode