Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21 October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kairav Is Rescued

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The episode begins with Kairav ​​jumping down. He looks at the gate. Karthik and Naira come. Kairav ​​shouts at them. Kartik asks what are you doing there. The family would come and see him. Naira says we’re up, catch the railing. Kairav ​​asks why you left me. Manish asks him to just go. Kartik says the lock is not opening.

Manish asks hurriedly. Naira says then break the door. She asks everyone not to be afraid, otherwise Kairav ​​will be more afraid, he is already afraid. Kartik breaks the door and runs inside. He goes upstairs and gets Kairav.

Kartik and Naira hug Kairav. They bring him downstairs. Kartik asks why you went there. Kairav ​​asks why you left us. Naira says she’s really sorry. Karthik says this is a misunderstanding, we thought you were left with everyone, why did you go there, why didn’t you call. Kairav ​​says I don’t remember the number.

Naira says its ok, we came. Krishna asks the golden boy to give his child. The golden boy gives his child. Manish looks at the golden. He asks why you gave her the baby. Kairav ​​looks at Krishna. Asking to see Krishna Kairav’s little sister, she made a sad face. Kairav ​​runs off. Kartik goes behind him. Naira asks Krishna to give Akshara a golden.

Kairav ​​says you don’t love me and don’t listen to me. Kartik says we love you so much. Kairav ​​says I am not a girl, you need a daughter, not a son. Naira says we need a son and daughter. Kairav ​​says I am not so lucky. Kartik asks who said this, you are very lucky. Naira says yes, you are our fan son.

Karthik plays with him and says we will always listen to you. Kairav ​​really asks, I don’t want to share my mum and dad with anyone. So this is the thing, says Karthik. Naira says that love is increased with sharing, even Akshara loves you now. Kartik says you have got complete love and attention, Akshara has come.

Kairav ​​got me 50% love, you were on a mission, you weren’t with me. Karthik says I was only thinking of you, I understand that you are my special child when we speak on the call. Naira says we are a parent because of you, no one can afford this place. Kairav ​​gets away. They try to play him and cheer him up. They all laugh. Yeh Rishta… .prayers….

He hugs Kairav. Wansh and Krish come. Wansh asks if you are trying to become a superhero. He gets shoes and glasses. Kairav ​​says its my fav shoes, thank you. Vansh lights up the glasses and gives it to him. He says you look like a hero now. Krrish makes Kairav ​​wear shoes. Smiling to see Kartik and Naira hugging them. Naira says I get something to eat. She goes outside and cries. Kartik comes and hugs her.

He says we need to tell Kairav ​​about Krishna. They say no now. I want him to know it from someone else and I don’t want to hurt him too much. Kartik and Naira go to the elders. He says Kairav ​​is fine now. Says Narna, you can speak with fame.

Manish talk to Naksh and tell him to forget Krish. Suvarna says it is not Krish’s fault. Karthik says this is not the fault of fame. Naira says we should talk to both Nax and Kirtti. Kartik says you will talk to Nax, I will speak with fame. Naira calls Naksh. He asks how Kairav ​​is, he is fine. She says she’s fine, you’re fine.

I wouldn’t be without Krrish, don’t say, Nax says it’s not my fault. You both are responsible for what Naira says, what’s wrong with Krrish. He says I let him go today, but don’t expect all goodness from him, I’m sure he will file Krish’s custody case, I have a right over my son. He disconnects. Naira cries. Kartik asks if you have talked to Nax.

She says yes, I know you’re more angry, we have to do something for the sake of Krish. Vansh, Kairav ​​and Krish spend time together. Wansh asks why you didn’t come home, Krish was waiting for you. Kairao says I don’t like Krishna, still mom And Dad is making her my sister.

Kairav embraces Manish. Karthik and Naira come. Kairav says I will not share my parents with anyone. Manish says you have seen Kairav sign the adoption papers and have listened to you.