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Despite a sharp decline in the number of corona patients in the state, the death of the infected is not stopping. There has been a significant decrease in the number of patients during the last one week. But the death toll remains the same.

In the 29th week of the coronary, 3781 patients were found. Compared to previous weeks, it is two to three times less patients. There is not much change in the statistics of death.

A total of 82 people died in the 29th week while a total of 88 infected patients died in the previous week. Whereas in the 28th week a total of 6196 new patients were received in the state and in the 27th week, a total of 6942 new patients were found.

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Twice as many patients got well
During the 29th week of the Corona period, more than twice as many patients in the state have recovered and gone home. During this time 3781 new patients were found, while about 6446 patients have recovered and gone to their home. This week has been good in terms of recovery, but in the 28th week more patients were recovered. In the 28th week, a total of 7676 patients had recovered and returned to their homes.

The government is trying to reduce the deaths of the infected. Constant efforts are being made for this. There has been a decline in the number of new patients, the death toll will also decrease in some time. Constant efforts are being made to protect the sick, elderly and vulnerable immunity from infection.
Amit Negi, Secretary, Health


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