Hathras gang rape accused wrote letter to SP claimed himself innocent victim brother and mother killed her

There is a new twist in the Hathras gang rape case. The four accused arrested in this case wrote a letter to the SP of Hathras from jail, claiming themselves innocent. He blamed the victim’s family for the murder, accusing them of being falsely implicated in the case. It has been written in the letter that the victim was the friend of the main accused Sandeep. This friend did not like his family. In this anger, the family members killed him. The accused have sought justice by conducting an inquiry into the entire case.

The four accused in the Hathras gangrape scandal Lavkush, Ravi, Ramkumar alias Ramu and Sandeep alias Chandu have also put their thumbs on the letter. The accused have written that all the allegations leveled against them are false. He has also mentioned increasing the names of accused and adding clauses on different days in the FIR.

In the letter, it has been claimed on behalf of the main accused Sandeep that he used to have frequent talks with the victim. Significantly, in the phone call details of Sandeep and the victim’s family, the conversation between the two numbers was reported more than 100 times. However, the victim’s brother had denied that there was never any talk between his family and the accused. He also demanded that the recording be heard. In the letter, Sandeep claimed that the victim was a girl from my village, with whom I had friendship. We used to meet and sometimes talk on the phone. Our family did not like our friendship. On the day of the incident, I met him on the farm, he was accompanied by his mother and brother. At his behest, I immediately went home and started feeding the animals there with my father. ‘

It is written in the letter on behalf of the accused Sandeep that, ‘After some time I came to know from the villagers that I had befriended the victim, so his brother and mother have beaten him. She suffered severe injuries due to beating, she later died. I have never killed a victim nor done anything wrong.


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