Lockdown Ki Love Story 28th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhruv getting itching

Lockdown Ki Love Story 28th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhruv getting itching. Nutan comes in and asks for a bath. She angrily cuts the blanket and burns it. Milky says it’s an expensive thing. Nutan says that if my son has any trouble, I will burn it to ashes. Sheetal asks Milky not to disturb Dhruva, otherwise Nutan will not leave her. We try to persuade Dhruv and give him.

Sheetal says that Milky should be fed to the pole, which is good. Knuton is great. She’s gone. Milky says I must do this work as a mother to the pole. Nutan asks Milky to feed the pole. She asks Ankita to look after the polar food. She asks Milky to go, Dhruv is hungry. She asks Ankita to make Alok Gobi dish today. Dhruv refuses to have food. She gets angry and hits him. He shouts.

She asks him for food. He asks for food with her hands. She agrees. He bites her hand and runs away. Nutan asks how we get better, you have to learn to deal with him. She’s gone. Milky says he bit my hand. Sheetal is a joke. Dhruv went out to play. Sonam meets him and asks what do you want to do today. They say I want to jump rope. Sonam asks the children to play with them. The kids say you are not a child, you are a liar. Polar cries and I need 5 year old clothes, no one is playing with me. He runs away. Sonam asks how I can meet their demand.

He asks Nutan to get the children’s clothes for him. Nutan says we go to the market and get your clothes. She asks Sheetal and Milky to come. They come to a store. Dhruv tries the baby’s shirt and tears it apart. They say I want to be strong, it’s not my size. He adamantly lay on the floor. Sonam comes there and looks at them. She signs the pole to come. She takes Polar to a different store. She asks him to buy her anything. Sheetal says the expulsion of the pole is dangerous. He looks for the pole. Sonam is absconding to see Nutan coming. Nutan calls him out. Sonam refrains from responding to Nutan. She asks him to keep it a secret. Dhruv assures her. Nutan goes to Sheetal. Sheetal says I did not make him Finn. Dhruv comes running to them. Nutan hugged him and cried. He asks if he gets my clothes. Nutan says yes, but this time, we must go home.

Sonam is coming. He asks Nutan to stay away from him. Sonam says I came here for my work. Dhruv wiped her tears and made her laugh. Nutan asks Dhruva not to talk to Sonam. Milky says Sonam plans something.

Sonam makes some clothes for Dhruv. She asks the man to deliver the pole. Dhruv tries clothes. He loves it so much. They pose in a playful way. Sneha shows this to Sonam in a video call. Sonam laughs at his happiness.

Precape: The guy says Sonam attached these clothes to the pole. Nutan scolds Sonam and burns his clothes. The pole shouts.

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