Shaadi Mubarak 17th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Inspector shoots Sonam

Shaadi Mubarak 17th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Inspector shoots Sonam

Only 5 days, the episode begins with Sonam saying that I have started my job. She practiced shooting. She shoots his mannequin. She falls down and tries again. I had to admit for the sake of the pole, you will never get me, never in a dream, I will kill you, I will never be a part of my life, ever. She is shot. The mannequin falls. She gets a call from the pole.

They say I am waiting for you in the temple. She is saying that I am at a different temple, I will come home. She runs away. She stumbles and falls. The gun falls down. The men look at the gun and ask where you, the gun, are. She asks him to pick up a gun. She goes inside an auto rickshaw. The driver looks at the gun. The guy says we should tell the police.

Raghav comes home to sing. He asks them to get ready for the tasks so that they can feel the wedding happening at home, grind the haldi. Sheetal says I need to know who the girl is. Raghav gets angry.

Sheetal Haldi goes to powder. Raghav goes on. The driver asks Sonam why he was landing before the address. She gives him money and tells him to leave. Raghav calls her and says I am getting your name Haldi and Mehendi, are you applying it too? She argues with him.

He says that once the name of the pole is applied, got. She disconnects. She returns home. Dhruv asks where you went. She says Temple. He mum worries, go and talk to her, I’ll put this tray on. Ankita takes it and says ‘Prasad’ to everyone. Ankita puts the plate in the temple. Subhadra angrily talks to Pratap. She says you need a witch orgasm, you get it, I will come to Mumbai after Sonam’s wedding and sign the papers.

Sonam asks for it. Subhadra says not to talk about it, you are my priority now. Milky says yes Raghav, I have reached out, hold on. She goes to check the arati plate. He asks her to tell him. They say that Prasad is from the temple. He says I want to get Sonam. She says that whatever Sonam prays, we will do whatever we want. Sonam cries and hugs Subhadra. She thinks I’m not getting my Preethi, it’s not in my future.

Dhruv is on the terrace. He remembers Sonam. He calls Sonam and says I’m on the terrace. Sonam goes to meet him. Subhadra looks and sleeps. The auto driver is beaten by police. DRIVER I don’t know about the girl, she landed in the middle, the inspector slaps him.

Sonam comes to the terrace. Dhruv hugs her and romance her. They say we Preethi each other, we don’t hide anything, we always tell the truth. She thinks I’m sorry, I had to lie for the sake of your family, I’m sorry. She cries. He asks what it is, share it with me. She says nothing.

They say I am so happy to marry you, you will too. He remembers his moment. They say I remember everything. He says yes, you should laugh. They listen to music and dance. Kaun Tuje… .praces… they embrace.

Precape: Inspector shoots Sonam. She falls down.

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