Shaadi Mubarak 18th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Nandini locks Preethi

Shaadi Mubarak 18th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Nandini locks Preethi

The episode begins with KT teaching a ballroom dance to Preethi. Ishq Hua… plays… they dance and smile. She is getting hurt. He says look at me, wait. She says its sore. They say you’ve got a sprain, I spray, wait. He takes care of Preethi. She says its fine, we practice. He says with great spirit, our dance is so good, Nandini burns with envy. She asks if we are doing this dance to show her. He said yes, nothing else, I mean, we have fine tuning and she’s jealous. She asks when will this contest end. He says I am doing this to get Arjun, then he goes away from his mum, Nandini can see Arjun is happy with us, then she goes away. Preethi is great.

Nandini dances in her room. She says, “I will not leave you, your drama will end, you will Preethi me, and you will keep me in your arms at the ball dance.” KT and Preethi dance. She feels KT is losing herself in this fight with Nandini. Priyanka decides her outfit. They say I have been mad since Neil invited me to a party, it’s just a Christmas party. She misses her sisters. Juhi comes home and looks upset. Priyanka asks if you have decided what to wear at the party. Juhi says we won’t go. Priyanka asks why, Neil and KT invited us, Preethi was there. Juhi says we won’t go. Kusum looks up.

KT and Arjun play carom. Preity asks Arjun to look at clothes. I got the same clothes for both of you, which she says you like. KT says its amazing, we keep the same hairstyle, we look cool. Arjun says I don’t wear it. Nandini says I will wear whatever I have to him. Thanks Arjun, I Preethi it Mum. KT asks them to wear the clothes of their choice. Arjun says sorry, I like Mum’s choice. KT says that I have to work harder to get Arjun. Preethi says its fine, wearing anything you like, KT doesn’t feel bad, okay. KT says yes. Arjun says thank you, I got a gown for mum, I’ll show you. He shows off the robe and says the mother looks great. Friend asks her what gown she is wearing. Preethi says no. KT says I got her a gown, its a color palette. Nandini really says, show it. See it at the party They say they come to Preethi and look at gown fittings. They will go.

See what Kusum Juhi is crying and tell me what happened, why did you refuse to go to the party. Juhi says she convinced me that my mum is not mine now. She cries. Why did you lie, Preethi asks that I not wear a robe. KT asks her to calm down. I have not forgotten anything, you are comfortable in saris, you look good too, wearing a robe over my speech, I am your husband, give me this right. Preethi says you know why I wear it, because Nandini wears a robe, what is this kiddish contest. He said no, I want my wife to look good, I get a better gown than Nandini’s robe. She tells me I don’t wear it. She’s gone. They say I ordered it.

Preethi comes into the room. She looks up at the robe she has placed on the bed. KT prepares and arrives. He asks how I look. Preethi says you’re ready, you’ll be okay. He laughs. They say you can congratulate me as I congratulate you. He compliments her beauty. He makes her wear bangles and says, I praise you, if you think I’m saying it for Nandini, no, it’s from my heart. Ike Tara… .prayers….

She says you look good. You will learn compliments with time, they say I will wait for you. She’s sorry, I can’t wear this robe. I’ve said it before, it’s your choice to keep my word. He walks away. She says you are burning yourself when you burn Nandini jealously, I’m sorry, I’m not Nandini, it’s better if you know, I don’t wear it. Kusum and his family come to meet Katie. Kusum gets a good welcome. KT says Preethi will come ready. Preethi takes the sari from the cupboard and goes for a change. Nandini takes off the robe and gets dressed. She says I show Preethi her place.

Precape: Nandini locks Preethi. They dance with KT at a party. Seeing Preethi.

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