Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha and Rudra’s plan

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha and Rudra’s plan

Yuvraj, who has heard of Prisha and Rudra’s plan, says Saransh is insecure with Mahima. That is why Prisha says she needs her help to protect Saransh from Mahima. Yuvraj thinks Mahima has also contacted him, if she takes her ATM Saransh, what will he do. He says Rudra is ready to help Saransh, but needs some money to spend on the project.

Rudra agrees and says that this is just drama and Prisha should not dare to touch him, otherwise he will kill him. Yuvraj agrees but thinks he will stick to Prisha. From Flashback, Prisha thanks Yuvraj for his help. Yuvraj holds her hand and tells her what she wants. He clears his hand and asks why Prisha put her hand around the waist during the fake wedding.

Yuvraj says he made the marriage look real, even Rudra touched Mahima’s hand. Rudra repeats that she will kill Prisha if she touches him again. If Yuvraj touches Prisha, she slaps him because she is a slap queen; He hopes he won’t miss a chance to touch her. Prasha asks Rudra to forget the maniac. Yuvraj reminds his fake husband that he received his fake witchcraft letters. Prisha goes to the flashback, where she receives a signature on the DeVros papers and asks Rudra if they are doing okay.

Rudra promises that her witchcraft will be fake and the wedding will be fake to fool Mahima and save Saransh from her. In a flashback, Rudra asks Prisha if her cheeks are hurt after Mahima slaps her, she wants to trash Mahima. Prisha was right, because even Shareda Ma had slapped him. He kisses her cheeks. Yuvraj asks at least to stop showing PDA in front of him.

Sharada summons Rudra and informs him that Mahima is waiting at the door and wants to make Graha Pravesh alone with him. Rudra disconnects the call that they are coming and tells Prisha that they should somehow handle Saransh now. Preeta says she knows how to handle her son, and now she goes home as her parents are waiting. Yuvraj holds her hand and says let’s go as his planet Pravesh too. Rudra again warns her not to dare touch his wife.

Rudra reaches home and says that he knows the reason behind this marriage, so there is no point in doing Graha Pravesh, he has to think about how to deal with Rudra now. He walks without Graha Pravesh. Mahima is right. Ahana shouts as to why everyone is so upset about Saransh, he is just a brat and they should be slapped and controlled by him. Sarada stopped her and took her inside. The Quran Now she doesn’t have to contact the rich for money.

She recalls seeing the picture of Rudra, Prisha and Saransh in the newspapers while calling a rich man and reading the news that Prisha is married to Rockstar Rudraksh Khurana and adopts her adopted son Saransh. . With a flashback, she thinks she planned to enter Saransh’s life that day as her biological mother, but before that she had to erase all the evidence against her, so she burned the hospitality. She remembers the incident she hid in the hospital. She now feels that she is putting a fake story to Prisha and trapping her in her scheme. She is executing her next project and doing what she came up with.

Preecap: Mahima is now her momma because she married Rudra Mahima and Prisha has decided to move away from Rudra and Saransh. Saransh says that Mahima is not her momma and locked up in her room to call her Prisha Mamma.

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